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Designing hard- and software around digital signal processing units is our main task. By filling the gap between industry standards and customized solutions for individual needs, our customers benefit from up to date technology and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Who we are and about our abilities

Wiese Signalverarbeitung GmbH has years of experience in designing DSP-boards. The spectrum of our DSP products and practice lasts from small applications with AT&T chips to clustered ADSP2106x SHARC DSPs from Analog Devices.

In case of the SHARC DSPs we started working with them since the first engineering samples were available in 1994. So we were able to be one of the first companies who delivers ADSP-SHARC-products and became a third party for Analog Devices SHARC DSPs.

Device drivers and test tools for our products were developed for modern operating systems like Microsoft Windows NT. We have experience in writing low level DSP algorithms as well as high level Windows NT applications.

Do you need a DSP-Real-Time Processing system? We offer Virtuoso from Eonic Systems for our boards. Wiese has an improved and combined know how for the hardware and software side of data acquisition systems. Benefit from our knowledge and save time and money for realizing your applications !